The Foretelling of Mirza Qadiyani 

About his foretelling, Mirza Qadiyani writes “The best criterion to evaluate my truth or falsehood is my foretelling”

(Aina-e-Kamalat Islam P.28: Roohani KhazainV.23 P.231)

About the liar he writes, “If one is proved to be a liar in a matter, one should not be depended upon for other matters also.”

(Chashm-e-Maarfat P.2 Roohani Khazain V.23: P.231)

But the irony of fate is that not even a single foretelling turned out to be true. Even an ordinary man’s foretelling can prove occasionally true by chance.


“I shall die either in Mecca or Medina.” 

  (Tazkira Majmoo`a Ilhamat P.584)

This prediction proved false. Mirza died of Cholera in the Ahmedia Building, Brandreth Road, Lahore and his dead body was taken to Qadiyan via Goods Train fearing spread of epidemic.


“It is God’s will that I will be married with two women; one of them will be a virgin and the other will be a widow. So, the prediction about the virgin has already come true and by the Grace of God I have four sons from this wife and I am waiting for the prediction about the widow.”

(Taryaqul Qalub P.73 Roohani Khazain V.15: P.201)

Mirza never married a widow and he died with the wish in his heart. This prediction was another bag of lies.


Mirza Qadiyani made a dialect  with a Christian priest Athum that lasted for many days without any result. At last Mirza wrote in his paper that God has told him that priest Abdullah Athum  would die within fifteen months from the date of publishing of the paper, that is 5th June 1893. He stated in clears terms,

 “I acknowledge that if this prediction proves false or if the person who is a liar in God’s eyes does not die within fifteen months of this date, I am ready for any type of punishment and disgrace. I  am prepared even to be hanged . I swear that he will certainly die within this period. Come what may, this will happen…… If I am a liar, prepare a gibbet for me and consider me the worst of all the Satans and the wicked.”

(Jang Muqaddas P.211: Roohani KhazainV.6:P.293)

At last the day of 5th of September 1894 passed. On September 6th, 1894 Abdullah Athum reached Amretsar, alive. The Christians welcomed him there whole heartedly and Mirza Qadiyani was disgraced every where.


Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan claimed that Mirza Qadiyani would die during his life time by August 4, 1908. At this Mirza predicted 

“Dr. Abdul Hakeem has foretold that I will die during his life time by August 4, 1908, but against this prediction God has informed me that he himself will suffer and that God will cause his death and I will remain safe from his evil. So, this is the case whose decree will be made by God. There is no doubt in that God always helps a true person.”

Chashm-e-Maarfat P.322: Roohani Khazain V.23: P.336-337)

According to the prediction of Dr. Abdul Hakeem, Mirza died on May 26, 1908 before August 4, 1908 and Dr. Abdul Hakeem lived another eleven years after it. Mirza Qadiyani's prediction proved false as per routine


The story of Muhammadi Begum is also very famous. Mirza begged the hands of a good natured and good looking girl, Muhammadi Begum. His proposal was not accepted. Temptations, requests and flattery, all were tried. Threats were made and even the predictions of calamity and death were made.  Muhammadi Begum was engaged to Sultan Mehmood. Mirza threatened Sultan Mehmood with his foretelling that he would die and that his land would vanish from the earth. When all these tactics failed he started saying that God had wedded him with Muhammadi Begum in heavens and she would be married to him on earth also. Muhammadi Begum was married to Sultan Mehmood. Sultan Mehmood continued to live and Muhammadi Begum was also happy with him. Mirza Qadiyani used many tactics, throughout his life to get her, but he got nothing except disgrace as per routine..


When Plague spread in India, Mirza Qadiyani said that it was in keeping with his prediction that was fulfilled and that the Plague had come for his enemies and would not enter Qadiyan and if a plagued person enters Qadiyan, he would be cured. After some time Plague entered Qadiyan. Then Mirza predicted that it would not visit his house and his party men would remain safe and sound. But many of Mirza’s close companions died of it. Plague entered his house also and he had to leave his home for Bagh. This prediction met a similar fate as per routine.

(Haqiqat-ul-wahee P. 220, Roohani Khazain V 22 P. 230)


            Mirza Qadiyani predicted that an earthquake would occur that would be like doomsday. Mirza named it “The earthquake doomsday” and issued many pamphlets for it. He wrote,

 “The prediction about the next earthquake is not an ordinary prediction. If it proves an ordinary thing or it does not occur in my life, it means that I have not been sent by God.”

(Supplement Braheen Ahmed. Part 5. P. 92-93)

No earthquake occurred in Mirza’s life. In this way his prediction proved wrong as per routine.


           Miran Manzoor Muhammad was a known figure in Qadiyan, Muhammadi Begum (not the famous one) was his wife. She got pregnant in 1906. Mirza wrote about her,

 “On 7th of June 1906, I was revealed that Muhammadi Begum would give birth to a son, who would have two names

(1) Bashir-ud-Dola, (2) Alam Kabab.”

(Tazkara Majmooya Ilahamat P. 615)

On 19th of June 1906 he claimed

 "The son born to Mian Manzoor Muhammad who will be an indication from God will have the following names – (1) Kalmatul Aziz (2) Kalmatullah Khan (3) Word (4) Bashir-ud-Dola (5) Shadi Khan (6) Alam Kabab (7) Nasir-ud-Din (8) Fatehuddin (9) Haza Youme- Mubarak".

(Tazkara Majmooya Ilahamat P. 620)

After 27 days of his revelation a daughter was born to Muhammadi Begum on July 17, 1906. After some days both the daughter and the mother died and the son with nine names never came. Another as per routine., 


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